Special Offers

This page lists any current special offers with a selection of last minute deals and some great mid-week discounts.

Please note that discounts are calculated on the base price of the property and not on the number of occupants.


Gayfield Apartment – 14th-19th May

Park Apartment – 20th-25th May

Thistle Street Apartment – 20th-23rd May

Gayfield Apartment – 21st-26th May

Dalry Gait Apartment 2- 22nd-25th May

Union Street Apartment – 3rd-8th June

Simpson’s Loan Apartment – 6th-9th June

Old Tolbooth Wynd Apartment 2 – 24th-26th June

Simpson’s Loan Apartment – 26th-29th June

Simpson’s Loan Apartment – 2nd-5th July

Lauriston Gardens Apartment – 8th-13th July


Park Apartment – 6th-10th August

Easter Dalry Wynd Apartment – 11th-14th Aug

St Giles Apartment – 13th-15th August

Mardale Apartment – 13th-18th Aug

Castle Terrace Apartment – 16th-18th August

Old Tolbooth Wynd Apartment 2 – 17th-19th August

Lauriston Gardens Apartment – 19th-23rd August

Gayfield Place Apartment – 23rd-27th August

For all 3 day gaps in august click here.